Let's Make This Moment a Crime - The Format

Weve just got to take our time its like nothing really matters, so lets make this moment a crime i know, i know youre left
Behind but ill do my best to feel broke down its been a minute, a second, ill wait for you to make a sound but i know, i
Know youre taking time maybe its just too late, ive got to get away when everything feels the same, ive got to get away tell
Me its not too late
On and on and on you wait and oh the days they fade away and all the nights theyve never felt
The same if i was wrong then i was wrong and on and on and on and on the things we do are never going to change well you
Havent got a lot to say but you never want to stop you always want to feel this way i know i know youre taking time
[pre chorus]
We wait forever, if ever and youre too hip to saying never ill never get it, oh i shouldnt sweat it not
Like it matters, its over, yeah at least till you come over so much for shutters, we're living under covers
[pre chorus]

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