First Night - The Hold Steady

charlemagne shakes in the streets
gideon makes love to the suites
holly's not invincible
in fact she's in the hospital.
not far from the bar where we met
on that first night.

charlemagne pulls street corner scams
gideon's got a pipe made from a pringles can.
holly's insatiable.
she still looks incredible.
but she don't look like the same girl we met.
on that first night.

she was golden with barlight and beer.
she slept like she'd never been scared.

and then last night
she said words alone never could save us.
and then last night
she cried when she told us about jesus.

holly's inconsolable
unhinged and uncontrollable.
because we can't get as high as we got
on that first night.

boys and girls in america.

don't bother talking to the guys
with the hot soft eyes.
they're already taken.
dont even speak
*to all those sequencer and beats boys.

when they kiss they spit white noise.
white noise.

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