Hornets! Hornets! - The Hold Steady

She said always remember
Never to trust me
She said that the first night she met me
She said there's gonna be a time
When i'm gonna have to go
With whoever's gonna get me the highest

She said i won't be much for conversation
If we go and do the rest of this
She said i've never been much for conservation
I kinda dig these awkward silences
She's got those bones brigade videos
She knew them back and forth
She's slept with so many skaters
She had the place to herself
She had a couple hundred bux
Snd he had nothing but the number

She said i like the guy who always answers the door
He never asks you what you came to his house for
She said i won't be much for all this humbert humbert stuff
I've never done so much of this
I have to try so hard not to fall in love
I have to concentrate when we kiss
She mouthed the words along to "running up that hill"
That song got scratched into her soul
He's never heard the song before
But still he gets the metaphor
He knows some people that switched places before
She said i really like the crowds at the really big shows.
People touching people that they don't even know, yo.

I guess the heavy stuff ain't quite at its heaviest
By the time it gets out to suburban minneapolis
We were living up at nicollet and 66th.
With 3 skaters and some hoodrat chick
Drove the wrong way down 169
Almost died up by edina high

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