Come With Me - The Incredible String Band

I have a ship both sleek and fine
I point her bows wherever I will
The seven seas they all are mine
I call the winds
I call the winds her sails to fill
If you will flee away with me
And bid farewell to the land you know
I'll show you marvels presently
And wonders
And wonders that the earth does show
The shouting mountains
- 0 speak on sir
The diamond valleys
The caves where sleep the stars by day
Eve's clouded bower
Adam's garden
The secret land that love does see
O come with me
I will come with thee
The gentle spring rains will lave your face
- 0 sweet waters
The winds will bear your train
The morning birds will sing your song
The earth will call your name
The stars will be your canopy
The sun your candle flame
The greeny~gold wheat your incense sweet
My heart your windowpane
O come with me
I will come with thee

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