How Happy I Am - The Incredible String Band

Oh, Lord how happy I am,
Oh, Lord how happy I am,
I won't feel sad 'till the whiskey's gone.
Oh, Lord how happy I am.

Oh, when I met my first woman,
you know, she was nice and kind as can be.
Now she go walking out all over towwn,
and she do just what she please.
Well, if she thinks I'm sitting here
An' I'm waiting for her to come home,
She wanna come a little closer to me right now,
and I'll tell you how happy I am.

Now, a whole lot of women in this world,
They making trouble for all you men;
They're strutting around all over town,
And then walking back home again;
Well, if you think that she's got you down,
And she's started to count to ten,
Just look at her with one eye closed,
And sing to her again.

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