Squeeze The Minutes - The Incredible String Band

My heart melts at the thought of two people
Achingly in love - "Living apart for the life we're
Going to build". - "Romance on the top of the
Podium yet again and geography just scrapes bronze"!

That I feel strongly enough about it to write a
Song is entirely due to overexposure, as a child,
To 'Family Favourites'.

Now we're livin' apart for the life we're gonna
Build when the time is right.
But the time gets stretched in she Space that's between us,
Squeeze the minutes
I wanna hear you whisperin' to me
I wanna kiss you in the night, in the night

Squeeze the minutes
Chase the hands round
Anything to get you
Sooner than has to be here in my arms
Squeeze the minutes
Squeeze the minutes
Squeeze the minutes
I want you here in my arms

As you said it yourself in your note it wasn't
Such a bad photograph of you
But if lookin' was all to the way you are then I
Could keep my heart more
I wouldn't mind this livin' apart so
Maybe wouldn't think of it all the time


Oh I threw it away the thought - "I wouldn't
Wait, couldn't wait for one love".
I only think of the way you understand me and
I know that it's worthwhile
I only think of the way that you are
It's makin' me know what I want - oh what I want


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