Bring It on - The Lox

Ay Yo Swizz
What's up
I told you baby this the one right here
This is the one
Sheek Louch
Yo yo yo Ay yo

[CHORUS x2:]
Ay yo y'all n_ggas want war?
Bring it on c'mon
Y'all want war with Sheek?
Bring it on c'mon
Y'all tryin na stop how I eat?
Bring it on c'mon , bring it on c'mon , bring it on c'mon

[Sheek: Verse 1]
Yo how you gon talk sh_t when you soft as pudding
Knowing the work that these real thugs put in
We too legit
Let me hear you rap something bout us
I'ma break the hands of the man who wrote your sh_t
We take minks off backs
Them grime n_ggas in clubs that make n_ggas walk
With them bodyguard cats
I'm glad I'm free
I feel like Harriet Tubman came and got me
From the white man property
It's all glitz and glitter but no cash you getting
You hear the difference in that sh_t that I'm spittin
Double R
That's street sh_t and that's the way it has to be
Myself , Sheek Louch , and I'm still MTV
I can talk about guns
Go out smack some nuns
Then flip and do a song with country music and sh_t
Don't ever play LOX for no f_cking retard
Cuz your dough aint that long that you can't see God
Plus these rap n_ggas out here respect the god
They know we spit that sh_t so they respect our sound
They know how hard a motherf_cker is and water that's down
Here that's that sh_t right there
I swear from Yonkers motherf_cker
We'll bust in the air
Aint nobody killin clouds over here
Respect us
You bleed how we bleed
We bust how you bust
Yo Swizz help me out sing this chorus for us


[Verse 2]
Ay yo this here is for them cats that wild nonstop
Can't dance just play the club and bop
No respect for the law
F_ck security son
Cuz you big that aint stopping me from bustin my gun
It's a fact that fire burns and sh_t stink
It's also a fact that your vest only protectin your chest
You aint think about your head when you was talkin that mess
Or this knife
Across your face scar you for life
Now do you really wanna rock that ice?
Heh heh
Do your security really love your life?
Or do they just want their check
You think they gon take one in the neck
For a n_gga with no respect
For his crew
Man we don't wear half on Chinese food
Slept in the same bed
Same chick gave us head
Brothers , and we aint gon stop till we all dead
Aint sh_t gon change
Just the dough gon change
F_ck a Bentley
I'm good with a rubberband colored range
I empty a clip at you you send nothing in exchange
Y'all n_ggas mad soft no heart all brains
But what's smart when a dumb dumb burst your heart
I'm done now but first hold up hold your applause
I got one question to ask y'all do y'all n_ggas want war?


[Swizz ad libs to end]

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