Omen - The Lox

The omen

Should I let it ride or make a n_gga die
Let him see kids or let his soul fly
In the project lobby I ain'tfeeling Godly
Put some coke on the floor make it like a robbery
Manslaughter for my thoughts alone need holy water
Scenes from law & order
I'm just saying I got to get it
That money my n_ggas with it
My killers will get aquitted with masks on
Hope you got a couple dollars you can pass on
You know them D block boys getting they blast on
I can pull up DOLO and you know it's a omen
Middle of the street and get it on like a Roman
Pray for me

Pray for me
When I die what will the angels say for me
Send me to hell probably give a K to me
To kill the devil they know I got a way with me
What you know is first is evil is evil I need to
I'm dirty like a dopehead needle
But one eighty negatives repetitive
Crack your chest and your cranium n_gga wicked like Damien
The Omen
Wolf omen
More like a lichen, all my n_ggas is triflin
"Pop a cop" (censored); n_gga f_ck an indictment
I'll, I can reach to the sky and grab lightning

Bow our heads
Let us pray

I'm a king from the underground
A lot of bad things happen when I come around
Yeah six six six is my number now
Scary part of it is I ain't gotta gun em down nah
Insane mind set the Bible and the flag on fire at the same time
Main arteries when it's game time Satan's offspring
Yeah I claim mine
Crazy how I could think about it and will it
Look at something and kill it
Bloodshed is the illest
Corpse that you ran through
Cross on the mantle
Sit Indian style in a circle of candles

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