Friend Of Mine - The Notorious B.I.G.


No...f_ck the b_tches, f_ck all the stank-ass hoes, all my
n_ggas know...Junior Mafia click, Gucci Don, you know how we play.
F_ckin' skanless-ass b_tches. You know how it go Boots...I
meet a b_tch, f_ck a b_tch, next thing you know you f_ckin'
the b_tch. You just pass it around and sh_t, pass the sh_t like
a cold and sh_t. F_ck'em.

[Verse 1]

Now when I'm f_ckin' those Jen I'm invincible
Don't love no hoe, that's my priciple
'cause uh, b_tches come (and uh) b_tches go
That's why I get my nut and I be out the f_ckin' door
(You know) they might be the one to set me up
Wanna get their little brother to wet me up
That's why I tote Tecs and stuff to get'em off my case
Just in case the little f_cker ends up misplaced
I don't give a b_tch enough to catch the bus
and when I see the semen I'm leavin'
B_tches be schemin', I kid ya not
That's why I keep my windows locked and my Glock cocked
One hoe said, "Big, why you so hard on us?
Why you swear all b_tches are so scandalous?"
Thug n_gga 'til the end, tell a friend b_tch
'cause when I like ya, then ya go and f_ck my friend b_tch
(And you know that ain't right)


You know that ain't right

With a friend of mine [x4]

[Verse 2]

You see, I don't sweat these hoes
I keep'em in flavours like Timbo's and Jibbo's
B_tches just like to play the Mary though
(Yeah we know, drop the scenario)
It was me, Dee, the MPV
The blunts and brew thang, knockin' some Wu-tang
M-E-T-H-Oh sh_t, look at them lips and them hips on that b_tch
Dee hit the dip, so I can drop my mackadocious sh_t
Light the blunt clip, and recognize a pimp
Needless to speak, the Gee's obsolete
Don't sleep! Banged the skins in a week
On the creep up the avenue
I seen her on the block, who she rappin' to?
That's my n_gga Dee, damn he got Gee
Now she f_ckin' him and f_ckin' me, see
You know that ain't right

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3] I play her far like a moon play a star
She still sweat me hard 'cause I'm a rap star
I be cruisin' up the block, I be passin' her
Pimpin' hard with the female passenger
And the only time I call her to hang
Is when me and Dee blunted up, pissy, schemin' on a gang-bang
She should've used her intuition
Then she wouldn't be classified in that position, listen
She's sayin' I dissed her 'cause I'm f_ckin' her sister
A message to the fellas, that really gets'em pissed, uh
But she started that f_ckin' family
She f_cked my man Dee, so why she mad at me?
Plus your sister look better than you
Give head better than you, p_ssy get wetter than you
So break the f_ck out like a rash
I'm glad I ain't spend no cash to hit your nasty ass

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