Living in Pain - The Notorious B.I.G. feat Mary J. Blige, Nas, 2pac

welcome to the house of pain
just blaze n_gga
theres no way out
it seems i cant get free
sombody tell me, what's happened to me?

[notorious big]
The country bud got me choking
I'm on a mission til the point that motherf_ckers think i'm smoking
Yeah that sick n_gga Biggie
With the eight shot fifth
Got a extra clip for that extra sh_t
Don't you know that a killing is thrilling
All the blood spilling
Is all the part of drug dealing
A born gangsta
My daddy was a thug
Had a 38
With a hollow point slug
So when he licks shots
N_ggaz drop quicker than a Bootlegger
Sells his Liquor
A little n_gga tryna squeeze 22's
In my Reebok shoes
Payin dues while kids was on there one's and two's[huh!]
Now i'm much older, colder f_ck a holdsta
Got them Mack 11's swingin from my shoulda
It's a damn shame, I gotta put my momma through this strain
im livin in the house of pain

(mary j blige, chorus)
is anybody listenin
tell me can u see us
darkness surrounding me
night's gettin colder
heavy on my shoulda
and its gettin hard to breathe
n_gga's gettin buried
im gettin worried
cuz its gettin hard to see
when youre livin in a house of pain

The motherf_cking dust kicker
Who can you trust?
Do you have the heart to see a n_gga, Before you bust?
My name is spoken on the tounges
Of so many foes, Bustin motherf_ckers out the blocks
I don't even go!
Now how the hell do you explain
My claimed fame
From doing flick, To bustin tricks
Out the f_ckin frame
Got these b_tches on my jock
N_ggaz on my block
Jealous ass s_ckas got to duckin from my smokin glock
And bustin n_ggaz asses to stay alive
Skinny assed playa watchin bigger motherf_ckers fry
They ask me how i'm livin
I'ma hustler buckin bustas till they die
Now it's on in the ghetto
You ain't heard?
N_ggaz got they AK's headed for the burbs'
Aiming at them skin head b_tches let it rain
givin em' a wet welcome to the house of pain



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