Chicago Overcoat - The Pink Spiders

Innocent victim filled up with pills
Or so it would seem to the rumbler scene
Her getaway sticks made contact with bricks caught skating around
Now it's the big sleep
But don't you see that you do it to yourself?
Cause I can taste that you've been with someone else
That's when they told me to run "your fingerprints are on that gun
And your shirt is soaked with blood that isn't yours
Run your fingerprints are on that gun and revenge is only fun when you get away"
Filled her with daylight heat fought the good fight if I get copped it's electric cure
Gotta throw lead and leave them for dead if figured then we'll do the dance for sure
Grab a little air hammer and saws are giving me a scare
Run for your money everybody's there and they've got a curse on me
They don't understand they got no kick a simple reprimand won't do the trick
Chilled off the broad and facing lead poisoning
I guess revenge is always fun
Revenge is the most fun when you get away

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