Good Time Women - The Rolling Stones

Oh, you got me waitin' on a big-boat line
Yes, it's down a bumpy road
I said now, now honey, you don't need money
And you know you got it easy at home.
Yeah we're gonna get down to boat-line
We're gonna steamboat and a rail alright
I said now, now honey, get down honey
Good time women don't keep you waiting around.

Yeah we could land in New York City
With whiskey an' mighty fine
Now, I brought downers and a bouquet
And a bottle of dry, white wine.
Yes you got me dizzy, yes you got me silly
And you know you gonna die with your wife
Baby, baby, red light woman
They don't leave you a - .....

I love my woman!

Yeah you got me waiting on a big boat-line
Yeah you're gonna feel alright.
I said baby, honey, you know it's gonna be alright.
Yeah you got me silly, and you got me filthy
Go down, gas up your wife

I said baby, baby. a red light women
Like your party
The red light women, sure like to party
The red light woman, please don't party all night
Alright, you got me cryin' now, ah you got me cryin'
Ah you got me cryin'
Yes, they like your party all night
Yes, they like your party all night
Yes, they like your party all night
They like your party all night
Night Night Night Night......!

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