What Am I Gonna Do? - The Saturdays

I got my eyes locked over there
On my new obsession
Like a vibrance in my head
Stealing my attention

Before the moment I can't go over
It's gonna test my patience
Insane, I can't control it
What am I gonna do?

Should I wait my turn or take a chance on you
(Crazy) What am I gonna do?
'Cause it's late at night and there ain't no time to lose
(So crazy) What am I gonna do?

Dirty sounds across the lights
Tryin' to build this tension
Putting thoughts into his mind
Looking my direction

Feeling good, I know I should
Don't wanna wait forever
Insane, I can't resist it
What am I gonna do?


I just can't take no more
My dirty secrets knocking at the door
And if I leave, I'll never go, yeah
Is it so bad to lose control?


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