ABC - The Streets

Stop for a minute, dont make a move
Like you dont have much to prove
Standing there hands in the air
Like you dont have much to care

A you cant say what you B
I dont C what you see
I hear a meloDy
To drop with a mellow E
Hell not, never give a F
Never sh_t a G
Never dinged the H
Why you lieing to my I
DJ be careful with the K
Before everyday blaze L
The condemned will all condem and theM theN remember O
I used to want the P but id rather do not Q
I dont wanna hear R
I dont wanna hear S2
Sit back and sip T
It starts but not U
Or ill give you straight V
Single me double you (W)
No stress life from your X
Dont angle to no Y yes
Its only ever the way with your sket from a to Z

Stop for a minute

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