15 Minutes - The Strokes

I was all just a dream, Oh no
The worst it was real
All my pets they were there and they smiled
Take a seat it looks fine

Everybody so inviting

They got it in for me I know
It's not that I don't really love you
It's just that I don't really know
The hateful things you think you want to say
Time will turn them into jokes

If it was all just a dream, Oh no
Was it real? I don't know
If it was you were on there with me
Overjoyed in a peach

Oh Get, Get a pain, Get a watch
It was like a moonlight in life
I saw worst in a stop liner cuz
It go fast aint got time is been shot
Everybody got to party
Should've waiting for me
Everybody got to party
Should've waited till way
Cause today they talk about us
And tomorrow they won't care

Is a life is it a dream I can't tell
I got up and I wait in a throw
I will call you up every day
Overjoyed in a case

First time around
Second take so long
Third time's the charm
Second falls
Five days to rehearse
Six American work
Seven's in a scale
Eight circum change
Nine intoxicate
Ten is you & friend
Eleven seconds there
Because twelve make you goooaa

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