801 Underground - The Used

Kids round here got a different way of doin' it
Lock into a dream and insist on pursuin' it
Times are getting tougher and the choice is do or die
We play it f_ckin loud, how we want and reply
So turn up the stereo and grab the mic
Cause I know I'm alright
Got my friends on the side
So stand up, stand tall
Let 'em know who you are
We're the band,
We're the band who's gonna sing
Here we go
Who said LA is the only place that music can rock
Throwin' it like a gun and we're ready to correct 'em
We hit the stage and we tear it up like dynamite
The music stays tight people goin' through the night
The people stand around in a state of confusion
This place is distorted and we're ready to confess it
We aim to please and we seek to f_ckin' kill
And the ones underground ain't goin' down, never will

We are the underground
And you can't shut us down
Cause we come from underground
Ain't nothin' gonna hold us down

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