Helheim - Therion

[Den dimholjda]

[Hel, the goddess of death is also the goddess of fulfilment. Her name means both "hole" and "whole" and she governs not only death but also the process of birth and rebirth. Hel was hurled down to the world of ice in the beginning of time and there she created nine dark worlds. The bright god Balder and the power of the sun descend into her misty realm, but in the future Balder will be reborn and rise from the womb of Hel like the sun in the springtime.]

Heldrasil, O Heldrasil

Den dimholjda gudinnan Hel
i nio varldar styr.
Pa Gjallarbron, i alven Gjoll
de doda soker Dig.

Allt for manga infor Dig fortvivla,
O stora gudinna i Hel,
Ditt skote ar moder till tiden
hos Dig tager doden sin del.

Se nornorna spinna var trad,
vart ode styra de
Till Gnipahalan gar var fard
likt Balder da vi do.

Vi till Helheim likt Hermod ska resa
hos Doden vi finna vart guld,
nar Balder en gang kommer alter
fran Utrid, Verdandi och Skuld.

Nar Helgrinden ska oppna sig
da stiger solen upp
nu aterfodd ur vinterns djup
tillsammans med Hoder.

Som en skugga fanns Loke hos Hoder
nar Balder blev dodad med list.
och alla forsvann ner till Helheim
med Misteltens magiska kvist.

Se Helgrinden som oppnar sig
och guden stiger upp
nu aterfodd ur vinterns djup
med solen som sitt svard.

Den fordolda gudinnan i Helheim
bedriver med livet sitt spel.
Ditt skote ar moder till tiden
O stora gudinna i Hel!

[English translation:]

In Nine Worlds to reign
O magnific Godess Hel
On Gjallarbron, Above the (river) Gjoll
They want you.

To fast You fall into despair
O magnific Godess Hel
With Your Womb you'r the Mother of times
and the death is part of you

To Gnipahalan we will follow our jorney
we'll see the norns making our line
our destiny their guide
(and) just like Balder we will die

Like Hermod we'll ride to Helheim
and dead, we'll find our Gold,
When come back again
From Urtid, Verdandi and Skuld

When is open the gates of hel
the sun rise
Reborning from the deep winter,
With Hoder

When Balder was killed on the trap
of loki, like a shadow, guiding Hoder,
he vanished like everyone in Helheim
by the Mistletoe's magic spear

The God Rises
Behold the opening gates of hel,
Reborning from the deep winter

Hiden Godness of Helheim
He posses the Sun as a Sword,
Play Your game With the life
With Your Womb you'r the Mother of times
O magnific Godess of Hel!!!

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