Kiss Goodnight - Third Eye Blind

Some said eyes
Says goodbye
To dream that I was born
Nails me there
I say that I won't
Become that now
It seems somehow
I don't remember
So, a kiss goodnight
For things that might

One, two

Lead in night at the Laundromat
And I'm staring this girl pulls clothes from a dryer
And I'm wondering how I got here
'Cause it seems some where might just take me high
Well I needed this, more than I knew
And I let you down and I said I'm sorry
But the light falls on my castle walls
And my basketballs pelt me with bricks in my dreams
I might, I might, I might, Oh I might
I might, I might, I might�

If I could bottle my hopes in a store bought scent
They'd be nutmeg peach and they'd pay the rent
And I'd ride a horse, and I'd teach a course
On how I go to be this star crossed pimp, pimp, pimp
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
I might, Oh I might
I might, I might, I might
Let it out, Let it out

So a kiss goodnight
For the things that might

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