Scattered - Third Eye Blind

Where the dragonflies float on
And little kids go chasing them
Till night time comes along
And the prophet of a discontent is gone
And the devil smiles as he pulls the wings off
Of the one who wrote and forgot the song

Well it's not my fault what you did
And it's not my fault we're young and stupid
Still I'm stuck in this nightmare joke
No company
My strings are broke
So I go out looking for the right one
A nice fat girl with a tight one

'Cause I, I, oh I always laugh when I'm hurting

When I was punk I was way more punk than you
What happened to our little tribe
On the tombstone it inscribed
And I, I didn't know my friends would leave me too
When I sold out I thought my lies out through and through
'Cause I, I, oh I always laugh when I'm hurting

Is anyone sick of being nervous and annoyed
Don't play with pins to fill the void
And I'm paranoid

And the legacy we've become
Into the high rockets, see the shotgun
To the burger bleeding on the plate
I'm holding out for a different fate

Yeah, no one's fooling anyone
Everyone struggles inside
And everyone has lied
Fooling anyone
No one is fooling anyone
Yeah, no one is fooling anyone
No one is fooling anyone.

Turn the music up louder
Spit out the taste of gun powder, and
We'll have a bonfire
Burn it all down, let's take it higher

I need a woman who makes my soul feel thick
She says love, I won't feel sick

When you say "how ya doing?"
We'll say, we are fine
Yeah, we're fine
I am fine.

Cause I, I, oh I always laugh when I'm hurting.

Oh I...

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