Ordinary - Thousand Foot Krutch

Digging slowly, flowers growing,
Beautiful from inside me,
Overlooking mis-representation,
Of my findings
How we gonna come back to this?
How we ever gonna make a match to this?
Let?s lay low, like a mattress,
They?ll just be another one after this

You could never stop,
This feelin I?ve got inside of me,
You could never fill these shoes,
Cause I refuse to lose,
I?m just ordinary me

Verse (same as 1st)

Chorus 2 times

Verse 3
Growin? up as an adolescent,
So full of those questions,
Got me second guessin?,
My mind with the message,
And the mention of my,
Pro-gression, Class is in session,
How long will we all keep guessin?
When you?ve never been,
It?s so evident, from your grumbling,
Man, I wonder when, we?ll talk
If you wanna talk, take the mask off,
We can rock, shake it off,
Shake it off, shake it off (x2)

One, you can?t make me feel this way,
Two, you won?t make me run away,
You can?t understand my chemistry,
so laugh if that makes me ordinary



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