Steps Ascending - Thursday

Steps Ascend to a loaded gun
the scent of matches hangs in the air(a light flickers out in a heartbeat)
we dont want to see this:
a flash of light thats letting go of an empty bullet case
by the time it hits the ground
its out of reach
let go
the wolves are closing in
theres no room left to make amends
do you remember when wed fly that kite so high
all the time weve wasted, spent fighting
will burn in the fire
our regrets all the time
all the time weve wasted spend fighting
its blood and its running down the stairs
freeze the frame between the gun shot and the hole it makes
a spinning bullets waits in the middle
theres no way to stop it
it will surely hit the mark
you can try to understand
but im giving up
im giving up
the synapse fires
its right in time
im giving up
this should always stay out of reach
i ran down the stairs and into the garden
put both my hands into the soil
in the spring you will bloom
like her heart
through the blouse
in the back of the ambulance
as it turned and turned in the steets(just one more turn wont you come back to me)
as it turned on its red lights
you were turning into red roses
but im not giving up...

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