Don't Turn Back - Tik 'N Tak

This time you're out, now there's no doubt
You'll never change your ways, no no
You should have said, sorry instead
You turned and walked away

Well now I see another way
I'm dropping you starting today

* So don't turn back, all right, this time is goodbye
I've heard the very last line, oh (no/oh)
Now don't turn back, all right, there's no one more try
I've had enough of your lies, (woah/yeah)

All right
Starting today, you're in the way
I've gotten over you, oh oh
People will talk, I let you drop
I'll find somebody new, aa ha

So now I know I got away
And now I'm smiling every day

[Repeat *]

Well, you can't hold me
I see right through you
I see you colors shining thorough
You thinking of me
But you don't know me
Have been better way for you
Haa haa

[Repeat * , *]

So don't turn back
Haa haa, haa haa
So don't turn back

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