I Might Have Been Queen - Tina Turner

I'm a new pair of eyes
Every time I am born
An original mind
Because I just died
I'm scanning the horizon
For someone recognizing
That I might of been queen
For every sun that sets
There is a new one dawning
For every empire crushed
There is a brand new nation
Let the waters rise
I have ridden each tide
From the gates of the city
Where the first born died

And I might have been queen
I remember the girl in the fields with no name
She had a love
Oh, but the rivers won't stop for me
No, the rivers won't stop for me

I'm a new pair of eyes
An original mind
With my senses of old
And the heart of a giant
And I'm searching through the wreckage
For some great recollection
That I might have been queen
For every sage that falls
There is an ancient child


I look up to the stars
With my perfect memory
I look through it all
And my future's no shock to me
I look down but I see no tragedy
I look up to my past
A spirit running free
I look down, I look down and I'm there, in history
Oh, I'm a soul survivor

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