All Hands On Deck - Tinashe feat Iggy Azalea

[Hook - Tinashe:]
All hands on deck
All in front all in the back just like that, like that
I'mma blow your mind take it out on the floor like that, like that
All in the front all in the back just like that, like that
I'mma blow your mind like that

[Verse 1 - Tinashe:]
Wasted heart
You took the last bit of love I've ever had
You took a good girl and you turned me oh so bad
Kiss your old bae good bye, she's dead and gone (dead and gone)


[Verse 2 - Tinashe:]
Wasted hard
Done this to death, do us apart
I watch you fold like a house of cards
Kiss the old me goodbye she's dead and gone, dead and gone, dead and gone
One by one, I watch you fall down, watch you fall like dominoes
Take no prisoners, search and destroy
Baby look at what you've done
One by one, I watch 'em go down, watch 'em fall like dominoes
Watch 'em go down, watch 'em go down, watch 'em go down


[Verse 3 - Iggy Azalea:]
Every night another city, different time zone
All I wanna do is get my shine on
Come and deal with Iggy, get your mind blown
New coupe, no roof, got the mind gone
Sh_ttin' on you even when I play polite
These St. Laurent sneakers, I'm not wearing Nikes
I did it all, seen it all twice
Know I gotta get the money, early morning, late nights
Pull up in a S-Class, leave in the Wraith
Murder mommy in designer, know that murder be the case
Tell them hating b_tches go and simmer down
I'ma get the paper 'bout as quick as word get around
Posters of me on the wall in your hubby house
What you getting, I been had it and don't want it now
Far as fashion and this rapping, I'm who run it now
Walkthroughs cost a hundred thou, young Iggy owww

[Verse 4 - Tinashe:]
And you know that I tried
Really gave my all
Everything we built
Baby you let it fall, you let it fall
And now you want me
Want me back now
And the thing that's so funny
Cause baby I'm long gone, I'm long gone

[Hook x2]

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