Someday - Tobias Regner

I got an empty frame
Here in my mind
About my love in which
There was no one's Photograph
Wind comes up and blows
My fears through the night
Where is the love
Where is the one I try to find

Do I really know you
Was I just too blind to get your sign
And are you still hoping
Or have you changed your mind

But someday you'll come
Right away into my life
And your life will see me home
Make that someday come
The memory of you and me
Has never felt that strong

I've been waiting patiently
Here on my own
And in my dreams I can't
Stop falling down
If there's any sense in that
I'd let it flow
A chance for me to open up
To grow

Make it come true now
Weigh just the anchor of your pride
I'm longing to know now
Are you still in two minds

But someday'

And though I close my eyes
I won't sleep at night
Love can't never be wrong
Show me where I belong ' someday

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