One Million Reasons - Toby

I need to know what you are thinking
The thoughts inside your head
Another moment with your silence
Will break the final thread
I?d rather listen to your sorrows
To find what?s going on
cause this is to much of a heartache
It never felt so wrong

I guess it?s just your own way of showing
What you can?t say

One million reasons
To give it a last chance
One million reasons to stay
One million reasons
That you shouldn?t go away
One million reasons
That I should make you stay

Why pretend that you are slepping
When I come to bed
You always disregard my pleading
When I want the truth instead
All the times we shared together
Have meant so much to me
You know I have a million reasons
But you still refuse to see

I guess it?s just your way of showing
What you can?t say


It wasn?t a surprise
Something in your eyes
Made me fly to the stars
And back so fast
Just to face the day
You turn and walk away
But I still have....


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