It Works for Me - Toby Keith

Never owned a brand new car
Never worked in a white collar
Never held a woman longer
Than I held one single dollar
I never went out chasin? rainbows
?Cause there can?t be that much to it
Even if I found my pot of gold
I know I?d piss right through it

I can?t remember ever wanting
For one second of my life
Even if I did it cost too much
To ever pay the price
I don?t dance out on the dark side
Ain?t no secrets I have to tell
So you don?t have to say a prayer for me
I just said one for myself

I?m livin? my life
Under my terms
I?m callin? the shots
As far as I can see
I don?t owe nobody nothin?
I don?t answer to a soul
Might not work for you
But it works for me

I?ve been bent and bruised and broken
And flat busted once or twice
I brought most of it upon myself
But I never compromised
My pride?s too hard to swallow
So I?ve chewed a lot of it
Mild-mannered and soft-hearted
And hard-headed as you get
I live out on the backroads
Where I walk my country mile
And if it?s so good in the city
Why don?t anybody smile?
The traffic?s always heavy
And the air ain?t fit to breathe
I ain?t saying that it?s wrong for you
It just don?t make sense to me


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