Boom Bap 101 - Tom MacDonald

Throw your
Throw your hands up

Alright this rapping sh_t is easier
Than beating up a teenager
If you think that your bars are cold
Then trust me you'd be freezing here
It's me against the world
And the beating will be so severe
You'll think the year was 2012
And there really was a meteor

The pedal to the metal
I've had several accidental beers
A temperamental fellow
With a devil nestled in my ear
A sentimental fellow
I wrestle with my potential
Til the intercontinental belt is mine
Like yo the champ is here

I'm Seth Rollins
I'm Dwaine Johnson
I'm Steve Austin
The best rockin
I'm way awesome
So keep talkin
You press pause
When the game harden
You need options
I flex often
You lame awkward
You geeks awful

Solid like a statue
In a bulletproof vest
Inside a plexiglass encasement
Full of hardened cement
Then rapped in carbon fiber armor
Locked inside of a chest
Kept in a confidential area
With barb wire fence

Man I'm lit
Like gasoline is free with a lighter
I'm reaching maximum capacity
Can't be any tighter
I'll hold your grandson as ransom
The family hella frightened
And put his face in a magazine
With a reward if you find him

Super savage
I'll laugh when your Uber crash
And I'll smash you computer after
And dash to a school classroom
And act like student vandal
And scratch up the tutors Mazda
When the ask if I knew what happened
I'll jack a Suzuki wagon
Put a rag in the fuel tank

And watch the fireworks
Like the 4th of July
I'm like lightning in a bottle
Or a sorcerers eyes
Rappers hating on me lately
They just bored of their lives
And chasing clout on borrowed time
But I'm the owner of mine

Born to survive
Y'all were built with older design
It's too late for an update
Your papers ordered and signed
I'm sorry your motor isn't performing like mine
I know it's morbid
I look forward to the moment it dies

That's not important though
The rappers are my sons
I'm running orphan homes
I force feed em poison porridge
Shutting down their organs slow
I'm always going glorryhole
That balls to that wall
You know how the story goes
Don't talk to the cops
If they corner you and force you
Then I do not recall
That got a lot in common
With the way I feel about your songs
They're forgettable

Like I smoked a blunt
And followed it with edibles
Then popped a bunch of ecstasy
While happened at a festival
Then fell asleep and woke up
Wearing nothing deep in Mexico
And then you ask me if I heard
Your music like forgettable
Heh I'm incredible
Pat me on the back
They think cause I got face tattoos
I probably couldn't rap
I ain't Lil' Yatchy or Tekashi
Uzi or Xan
I'm smarter than I look
If you're too stupid to ask

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