Not Alone - Tom MacDonald

I'm walkin' out the darkness and I barely made it
Hope this reaches all the people who can not escape it
I was just like you, I was young like you
I was tryna numb the pain I was afraid of facin'
I was tryna run away from the hurt
I didn't know what I would do if livin' felt any worse
I tried the pills and the therapy and none of it worked
I know it kills, but I want you to know that you ain't the first

Your people can't relate if they ain't felt it themselves
Feels like everything they say when you complain doesn't help
Your sinkin' deeper every day, when you're awake you're in hell
You think you changed along the way but now it's too late to tell
It's like you, were rollin' with the thunder and fell
'Cause when the lightning started crashin' I guess you did as well
Your demons kickin' down the door, they're never ringin' the bell
They just keep tappin' on the windows 'til they fall out the cells

I know you're feelin' defeated, you try to keep it a secret
Your weakness got you believin' you need a doctor for treatment
But takin' pills ain't convenient, so you keep lookin' for reasons
To go and flush 'em down the drain and find the faith to keep breathin'
You lay and look at the ceilin' all night when you should be sleepin'
But you've been knee deep in pieces of dreams and failed achievements
You keep repeatin' the moments when you were beaten and broken
And now you're bleedin' emotion, you just want someone to hold you

Well, me too

'Cause I've been standin' on the edge tryin' not to jump
I only say it so you know you aren't the only one
The only thing that killed the pain was smokin' weed and gettin' drunk
Before I knew it I had drank a case a day for 18 months
I was sleepin' with a beer by my bed
"Last call" was all that I could hear in my head
I know there's too many of us drinkin' to try and forget
But who the f_ck are we gonna "cheers" if we drink 'til we're dead

And when you finally get sober, you find the friendships are over
'Cause you don't have nothin' in common if you're not gettin' loaded
You called them brothers, you called them family, you called them your blessin's
And now they call and you ignore the phone, and that's called depression
They try to tell you your misery is not an excuse
And you just wish they could spend a day tryna walk in your shoes
Just know you're not alone, I feel the same way as you
It isn't you against the world, 'cause I'm fightin' 'em too

It's like you're losin' control, until you drive right off the road
And when the vehicle rolls again you get thrown out the holes in it
Then you notice all of your bones are broken and all of your clothes are wet
Soakin' with gasoline, light a smoke and explode with it
'Til the day that we're ghosts you'll never be on your own
'Cause I'll be standin' in your corner 'til you need me the most
I was put on this planet to lift you up when you're low
And you have done the same for me so I'll be keepin' you close

I love y'all

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