I Wanna Be - Toni Braxton

I gonna to put it out there.
Lay it on the line.and even if it breaks my heart.
I'm giving it a try.
Not waiting fot tomorrow confessing it to day
So baby here it goes i'm out of time.
It dod or die.

I wanna be you baby
Wont you be my man.
I would be you soilder
When you can stand.
I would be your baby
To end of your day.
Forever in your life
Forever by yourside
Forever i'll stand

I'm hanging on a thread i dont care if i fall.
But i not going to fall but i dont know if you feel me at all.
I'm ready to be right or wrong with you ready for my heart to win or loose.
I am giving all i got to you.
I just want you to know......



So i am saying i love you.
Aint holdin nothing back.
And i saying i want you i want you to call my name.
And i wait on you forever.
I promise you that. cuz i
Love you.
I love

I wanna be.........

[chorus out]

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