A Sleepin' Bee - Tony Bennett

When you're in love and you are wonderin'
If he really is the one
There's an ancient sign sure to tell you
If your search is over and done
Just catch a bee and if he don't sting you
You're in a spell that's just begun
It's a guarantee 'til the end of time
Your true love you have won, have won

When a bee lies sleepin' in the palm of your hand,
You're bewitched, and deep in love's long looked-after land.
Where you'll see a sun-up sky with a mornin' moon,
and where the days go laughin' by, as love comes a callin' on you.

Sleep on bee, don't waken, I can't believe what just passed.
She's mine for the takin' I'm so happy at last.
Maybe I dreams, but she seems sweet golden as a crown
A sleepin' bee done told me, that I'll walk with my feet off the ground
when my one true love, I has found.

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