Project Princess - Tony Yayo

Yea ma, (wassup) I mean I kno we've been going through some thingz but we can work em out u kno u my
project princess I put sum princess cutz on u or sumthin

[verse 1]
every man need a woman when is life is a mess cause a queen protect the king like a game of chess and i
know your ring finger connect to your heart, wake up in the mornin and the drama start, yo I cant live
with em cant live with out em but once I hit em I kno that I got em, sippin don p and dat cyrstol rose
mowet neck got u takin of ya clothes ya eyez on me cuz my wrist is froze therez playaz in here but itz me
u chose these aint pumaz on my feet they g-unit ma, I'ma rapper livin like a movie star its like every
other day we in japan or brazil but yayo aint the one whos payin ya lite billz u only want me cuz I'm
makin da millz and wen I hit it from da bak I got ya legz crossed

[jagged edge]
baby ur my princess treat u like royalty, cuz u kno that ur special to me, where u at is
where I wanna b, if u love me u can call me, lay down I help u smile I like u and I like ya style, dont
rush we can wait a while one day we can both come?

[verse 2]
dont glance at da jewels u cant afford this my wrist ya condo my chain ya morgage, I go down town and let
my tounge search ya my head between ya legz I eat ya furburger, ma my set games on a whole nother level i
did proof on da roof and I nicknamed her pebbles, girl deep throat or take off ya blouse in da speed boat
in bak of my house or u can come to my condo and watch a movie but I'm tired of u sayin u not a groupie, u
my project princess diamonds r for a princess leave ya man cuz ma u've been stressed, and I luv wen u wear
dat real thin dress u mah mistress matter fact princess I buy u diamonds till ya neck feel senceless fly
da world in my brand new whip jet

[Chorus 1x]

[jagged edge]
i aint tryin to b ya buddy n ya body I been studyin, and ya friends they b hatinn I scoop u
up for the weekend ur love i've been tryin to win one dai in front of all ya'll friends ur body I cant
afford 2 miss?

[chorus 1X]

[tony yayo]
ma u kno u my princess umm I mean I take u to c jacob, def in jersey u kno, iceman in l.a., u
aint even kno who I'm talkn bout they all jewelerz baby...haha... 5 karrotz, 3 karrotz, 1 karrot or mayb a
? hmm....I'm jus playin baby I can b ya father ya lover and ya friend u my princess baby I got love for u

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