Never Again - Trademark

Have I told you lately, baby you're the one I need
Since I met you baby, I'm not the man I used to be
I never thought to regret, all the things I've said
If I cold turn back the time, I still believe you could be mine

Chorus :
Never again, I'll be the same without you by my side
Never before I knew, soemone just like you
Never again, I'd be the same if you believe in love
You are the one for me, you're all I ever need, I still believe

Now the times are changing, I miss the days when we were one
Feeling cold and lonely, since the day that you've been gone
I never thought I'd regret, all the things I've said
If you'd believe one more time, I'd be yours and you would be mine


[Chorus] x 3 ... till fade

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