Knockin' - Travis Barker feat Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, E-40 & Dev

Feel the bass
You-you feel the bass
Y-you-you-you feel the bass
You-you feel the bass
Y-you-you-you feel

[Snoop Dogg]
Cruisin down the boulevard feelin hella good
Smokin while I'm drivin, you would if you could
So I'ma push, smokin on this Reggie Bush
Avoidin the P's, steady tryin to hit it (hit it)
Jesus G's, you n_ggaz don't get it
And she's a tease, you're never gonna hit it
She say she wanna keep her clothes on
I'm not a drummer but this summer the beat goes on
I told her, let me flip this sh_t, then I'll dip this sh_t
Then I'll hit this sh_t, I'm the magnificent
Equivalent to no other, relevant to recover
Sell that sh_t to your mother

[Chorus: Dev]
Tell me can, you hear, me knockin knock knock-knockin
I make, you feel, be-beat droppin drop drop-droppin
The bass, is bangin out the place, place, is bangin out
So can, you hear, me-me knock knock kn-knock-knockin

ME, LUDA! Yo (woo!)
You beat it like Ike Turner, I swang it like A-Rod
Up-and-comin rappers better keep they f_ckin day job
Cause I'm the best so they got me mistooken
So clock in and watch this lyrical ass whoopin
Cause they got flows that make hoes sleepy like slow jams
My sh_t ROCKS! (C_CAINE!) Like Lindsay Lohan
Listen to Luda in the Cadillac Broug-ham
Try to turn me down and your n_ggaz like "NO, MAN!"
Don't you EVER touch a black man's radio!
'Specially when Luda (Bust Rhymes) in (Scenario)
Plat' plaques from Rio to Ontario
Bustin through your speakers like Tyson's in your stereo


UGHHHH, I'll plug jumper cables to the bridge (BAY AREA!)
Put your lights back in this b_tch (b_tch)
West Coast representative from the label they call Sick Wid It
The best that ever lived it and spit it
and f_cked around and got away wit it (got away wit it)
UGHH, ever since the '80s I've been paved wit it, overlooked and underrated
Gotta keep it real wit y'all, I can't fake it (I can't fake it)
UGHH, I be off-beat then I'm on-beat
then I'm off-beat then I'm on-beat and my style is so unique
I gotta have one teeth in my mouth and sweep a broad up off her feet (feet)
Took her down on the couch before I had a chance to speak (speak)
Skeeted all in her mouth and then we went for round three (three)
We was tied just like the soap opera{?}, at the same time reached our peak


[ad libs to the end]

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