Don't Play - Travis Scott feat The 1975 & Big Sean

Drink slow to feed the nose, you know he likes to get blown
Has he got enough money to spend?
Leave? No. He's to and fro, he doesn't like it when the girls go
Has he got enough money to spend?

[Hook x4: Travis Scott]
I ain't playing with these n_ggas
I ain't playing with, I ain't playing with these n_ggas

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Know I need my dollars
Know a n_gga need my commas
She was down when I dropped out of college
Down, she was down when I rode Impalas
Played with her p_ssy in the jeep
Yeah, she was down with the foreplay drivin'
Jumped in the car when she hit my digits
Don't want nothin', just to pull up at the projects
Easy to me my n_gga
Build it with a seam, youngin always seen with a killer
Hand stitched by my dealer
Dealing with a seam you ain't seen, what you mean Margiela?
She even got the 'scripts for the cough
In the H gotta hit Johnny for the frost, swirved off
It ain't been a minute seen they seen a weird n_gga
From the corner put it on for the south
On my momma, know a n_gga be coasting
Go n_gga grab my bottles, go n_gga grab my Chronic
Keep ya head up in the air my n_gga
N_ggas know gon be billionaires my n_gga
F_ck how much time that sh_t might take
N_ggas ain't playin' with em!

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
B.I.G. Sean Don, my Aura Gold
B_tch don't you play me, don't you try me
I need the exact amount
Look at my face ho, eye to eye me
I'm a boss Make sure you and your homies dress up, tie attire
When you see me ho, or I'll take that white tee and tie-dye dye it
I mean, God damn n_gga!
You forgot where I came from? I'm from where you ain't from
Where you can't come, where it ain't none
Where these b_tches is b_tches and they ain't nuns
Where they hate from
But as soon as you blow they act like they been down since day one
Where there's f_cking tank guns
N_gga's never join the Army, like it ain't one
If I ain't got it then I'm huntin', I'm either countin' or I'm cummin'
Swear I just done bought that mansion, treat that sh_t like it's a dungeon
Up at 5AM still workin', but I treat it like it's 1
I'm never actin' like I got it
B_tch I'm actin' like I want it on these n_ggas!




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