Jimmy - Truth Hurts

I got the story now listen up
I got this story about this player named Jim
He used to get down for me
When ever I told him he could come get plenty
He got the remedy my bills was paid
He got me laced fell in love instantly
Than I got the call one day said jimmy's gone away
The pantry
Its no mystery
Now he cant come around no more
He's locked up for 10 or more
I could have just flipped your door
Well I'm gonna miss ya thats fosho
[phone call]
Shut it down homie I got you just tell me what you need
Wont forget you when I'm out boo
Just to show love for me
What a feelin' start to use no lie
Dont give a damn I sacrificed my life
I got your back until the day you die hell yeah I'm strong
But baby I dont like this
You cant come around no more
Your locked up for 10 or more
I should have flipped your door
I'm gonna miss you thats fosho ooh....
Why did you have to go....
I'm a miss the time we spent we should've run away
I'm a keep it tight while your gone but you'll return one day
I'm a miss the way you put it down at night
After all is said and done

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