Storm - Tvangeste feat Baltic Symphony Orchestra and Prussian Chamber Choir

Fight, Freedom and Sword
Is all that You need in this Storm!
Be a leader
The Storm will be Your guide to the Domain of Pain!
And Darkness will show You the truth of the obsolete days
And You have to find your way among a million ways!

Oh ruthless Destiny!
Why are You so cruel?
All of us pray to You
(Because all of You live by the rules?like sheeps in a herd)
(r e p e a t)

In the name of Mind
Open your heart to my words!
In the name of Honour
Shake off the veil of sleep from your conscience!
In the name of Strength
Purge the centuries-old Christian plague from your souls
In the name of Death
Break free for you are a free man!

To be or not to be -
There?s no such question!
To be! But to be what?

A weak-willed sheep that?s taken to the slaughter house
Or a proud wolf
Whose heart is filled with freedom?

What?s in your eyes, a Human?
Fear or rage?
Blind submission or Resistance?

Love and respect your friends
And let your enemies die!

Every sheep needs a shepherd
Every shepherd needs a sheep for his flock.
They are walking to the horizon of their ideas
Trampling the sprouts of freedom and despising pride
But rise above the Earth and you will see
WHERE this herd is heading ?
It?s heading to the precipices

There is no judge for you except for your god - lie!
The heavenly kingdom is prepared for the obedient - lie!
Bringing the good, drowning in blood
Giving love with fire and sword
The grief and fear of innocent eyes
The burning villages, the ruined world
The faith killed by greed
Isn?t it a black stain on you?

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