Ass Drop - TWIP


Yeah (yeah), Come on baby (Yeah) , Bounce Bounce Baby (Yeah), Come on
(this gonna make ya bounce)
Bounce wit me baby bounce bounce wit me (yeah)
Bounce wit me baby bounce bounce wit me (this gonna make ya bounce)
Bounce wit me baby bounce bounce wit me (yeah)
Bounce wit me baby bounce bounce wit me

Verse 1:

Get yo ones out its on this time
Back side hittin switches I see thick ass b_tches
And they smellin real good oil all fruity
body looking chrome with that shiny ass booty
Now that?s a dime ass cutie with that them maximum gluts
How in the world she keep it up in them stiletto boots
with one leg cocked high use the pole for balance
what a mighty fine specimen displayin them talents
fishnet thigh high straps and sh_t
brothers leanin real close tryin to touch a bit
rubbin dollar dollar bills all over them tits
and tryin to slide them fingers closer to the clit
now how in the f_ck you make yo booty bounce to the back of yo neck
its got to be jelly cause jam don?t shake like that
splittin tha pole looking like you hiding the pipe
you the reason n_ggas go home broke on Friday nite


Make that ass drop to the floor
shake that thang to you can?t no more
swing it till its sore make that back drop to the ground
bounce that thang to the dirty sound


Verse 2:

V-I-P I be up in the thang
Me and C H be up in there man
Serve the drinks and make sure that they brought by the freaks
Roll call man it got to be bout 24 cheeks
close the door time to get this show started
Private party, them girls is gettin live and naughty
All this shakin got me bout to fall dizzy
and these hoes is pros they know how to get busy
make that fatty jiggle in them black chap pants
touch the floor back it up for a fat lap dance
do the split make the kit kat kiss the floor
make that cootchie pop so hard them danggone lips get sore
puttin on a triple exceptional specticle
girl what you doin with that vegetable
Damn now its time to put up them toys
its enough of yall in here to play wit all the boys



Baby shake your money maker show the whole world what your momma gave ya
Work it like a pro as you bend them knees
and drop it like its hot and show them double D?s
Freak show get dough get mo get low drop that ass to the flow
you ain?t got to worry bout no dollar bills
the way you work that booty man its so for real



(Shake it like you wanna break it) shake, shake
(shake it like ya momma made it) shake it like some bread in the kitchen

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