Got This (Clean) - TWIP

verse 1

yo lock the gate it?s a flash flood warning well I?ll be damn
long enough have you been waiting the giant has awaken
you phi slamma jamma I?m Carolina State?n
you upset I understand but it?s time to stop hatin see
yall really don?t know what hit you until it hurt you
and in this case patience isn?t a virtue yall got work to do now
no more sweeps no cheatin on the beat now
Mr. Twip tagging you and I been it
be small time up in it I seriously doubt it
be a one hit wonder then it sell like bout it bout it (UGH)
I steal spots like autos in vice city
I?m steady reppin Campus Hills gettin gritty
and only real live playas roll with me
yall jokers projection we HDTV
so get out my face dude you know the name
it?s like Triple H fool I am the game


It?s the T-W-I-P I got this hit (homie)
keepin it lit (homie)
gone and take a hit (homie)
cause my squad is on deck
what?s next cut the check time to collect (UGH)
Mr. T-W-I-P I got this hit (mane)
keepin it lit (mane)
gone and take a hit (mane)
cause it?s only due time
Mr. Twip, Campus Hills, North Cack, (that?s right)

verse 2

I leave a dirty sh.. stain on your chin for talking doodoo
and get under your skin like an intravenous yoohoo
got that bootleg voodoo doing two for five
that LBS they got that work (pushin two for five)
I got people with hot blocks, big bucks, fat rocks
got people that spit flames P. Strange, Nighttrain
and its more from where that came some thug some plain
some club some bang some gangsta no wanksta
make room for the new while the legends take vacation
bombardment on your radio station a new rotation
strikin deeper than bunker busters on any s_cka sleepin
takin tours like truckers on the weekend jack-knife?n and snipe?n
royalty checks hit the spot like a stipend
I?m nice and I know it but I don?t brag to show it
I?m humble but don?t you take me light and for granted understand it
I?m like dag-nabbit up in here you can?t stand it it?s the


(mega) N (dot) C (dot) c-a-m-p-u-s
north to the south to the east to the wizest

there?s some pros on these strolls
there?s some thugs on these streets
there?s some miss?s with them phatties
there?s some pimps in these caddy?s
a yo where my playas real live playas
you know me (mr. twip) I got this hit homie
where my miss?s real live miss?s
you know the name (mr. twip) I got this hit mane

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