Stagedive (Clean) - TWIP

live (repeat)

verse 1

a yo Mega Man we ?bout to pump them m-h-z?s on ?em
Mr. T-W-I-P on ?em sprinkle trees on ?em and burn
North Cack (code name) cock it back (whoa mane)
G?s pimps players hustlers we got that (for sho mane)
throw ?em up (in the air) hold ?em up (and leave ?em there)
throw a couple bows mack a few of pros shake the hate out your clothes
better stay out of the cold hot up in here like you didn?t know
ladies impressed half dressed up
leave on the boots still get sexed up
let the liquor tell it while you rubbing on her belly
back side grind over time getting ready
hands slip and slide to the downtown area
she don?t stop you then you know what she telling you
bout to get it on let the song slow your motion (YEAH)
you want your billy in her ocean slip the love potion get her
you know it?s time to cut her
she actin? naughty from bacardi freakin? everybody


We bringing nothing but that (live) music stage (dive) music
when you up in the club feelin? (the vibe)
this one right here goes out to (my) people keep it (live) people
hustling everyday just to (survive)

verse 2

homie what you think you doing up in here boy
if you ain?t stackin mackin breakin backin
up in here boy and then bounce
club scene double stacked fat to the back
ladies sippin long islands fellas straight cognac
hot party body shakin it thorough girl you brakin it
see homeboy over there he stakin it but yet he fakin it
freaks getting they grind on (grind on)
playas hollerin at ladies from different timezones (timezones)
b-boys in the corner getting they rhyme on (rhyme on)
couples at tables with wine they recline on balers got they shines on
outside is the dry zone playas five deep
tryin to spot a gal to creep on but she like gone creep
homie you five deep askin me where my girls
if they ain?t up in the party then them chicks is home sleep


verse 3

last call bring me back some v.s.o.p.
all the bottles of champagne tonight them drinks is all free
after party over entourage flow to the hotel
make a pit stop at the waffle house for some pattie melts
I?m talking mad jeeps (escalades) on 23?s (watch them blades)
benz?s and hummers with candy so sweet (fa sho mane)
up at the room (strip show) v.i.p. (yeen know)
yeah we keeping some noise they already know
because we done rented the flo
bout to spread some love now (love now)
pairin off for some bumpin grindin and rub down (rub down)
m?nage a trois like superstars on the low down (low down)
multiple action satifaction explode now new meaning of ho-down
every body partied like 1999
looking forward to tomorrow do it one more time


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