500 Degrees - Tyga feat Lil Wayne

[Verse 1: Tyga]
T-raww, f_ck y'all, money tall, d_ck large
Tiger in my backyard, b_tches on my futon
Dog house, no dog, shootout, Chris Paul
Walkin' on the marble floor, take your f_ckin' shoes off
B_tch this is fox fur, killin' sh_t, f_ck a hearse
I can show you my choppa works
She give me head, when my head hurt
Deep throat, till the b_tch burp
Her best friend said let me at 'em (Adam), Cousin Lurch
Smokin' on that turf, get your feelings hurt
At your neck like a collared shirt, ball like a Nerf
Word, more green n_gga than smoking pot
When I see more, I'm that whore from that little shop
Shop, butcher shop, open up your top
All you see is gold watch, Rolls Royce, road blocks
Sun roof, fogged out, chrome grill, gold mouth
Take a f_ckin' look around

[Hook x2: Tyga]
B_tch I'm all you need
I say f_ck them other n_ggas
F_ck them other n_ggas
B_tch I'm all you need
I'm the hottest n_gga, all I do is turn up, b_tch
500 degrees

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Thrilla manilla, I buy straight from the dealer
I 'm politickin' in Paris, I'm buying statues and pillars
All from the Louvre n_gga, mosaics from the museum
You n_ggas countin', you b_tch is in my DM,
I never read 'em, weak b_tch probably get seasick
On the yacht eat shrimp, see my name on a blimp
It read T-Raww's a pimp
N_gga I ain't dancin' but my hand on my hip
Full clip, movie sh_t, Bruce Wayne, Alfred
N_ggas want a verse, can't even get an ad-lib
I'm killing this sh_t, and I'm killing your mom
Over a set of time, the... are mine
I murdered this sh_t, just takin' my time
Got bars, front gate, face shot, blind date
Rolex, timepiece, ain't got no time for no b_tch speech
120 that six speed, pull it out that's all me
Just call me T-papi

[Hook x2: Tyga]

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Tunechi over b_tches
Smokin' Color Purple, blunt fat as Oprah Winfrey
I'm the n_gga, the n_gga, n_gga, the n_gga, n_gga
I be snappin', I hope you get the bigger picture
I said f_ck that n_gga that you f_ckin'
She say that n_gga rap, I say he couldn't (w) rap a mummy
But let me pass the weed, and stop passin' judgement
Before I have to beat him like a d_ck he had it comin'
Been eating so much p_ssy, man I'm starting to get chubby
Schoolin' motherf_ckers, I'm their favorite subject
Broomstick in my pants, I'm 'bout to go witch huntin'
I'm already loaded, these n_ggas still bufferin'
I f_ck my girlfriend and her best friend, these n_ggas is lesbians
Don't cross me like a pedestrian, I'm getting head watchin' ESPN
She holdin' me and carressin' me
Don't hate the player, hate the referee
If she F with me, I am definitely a necessity

[Hook x2: Tyga]

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