A Voice 4rm Heaven, Pt. 2: Michael Jackson - Tyga

Thou I pull up my lollipop, he let it lick the rapper And I never kiss her after I pass her to my dawgs Sh_t is like lottery numbers Girl you have to hit the most First they start to choose and now probably pass his Uzzy In the sink I might have her naked like Marcus Huston Yeah, you missin' with the bastard, use to Roabbin' David in my car so let's start this all now And I don't need no hood for this chick She gonna let me win, (she gonna let me win) Yo she gonna let me hit x 2 Ok, let's try to take your clothes off Then I'mma hit, I'mma hit it til the dose out And when we wrack it, I'mma hit it til the dose out She say her p_ssy is the stoppin' And I'm like if that's the case I'mma beat it like Jordan got it I'mma rock it like I'm use like when I lean in And now between me and you but this for me and you But can I take it off you, drive my type approach yeah I do it so right, she call me an author But I am just a gatter, yeah I'm just a gatter Straight to the power, yeah it's what I roll on Yeah I swear I'mma her cheer like hit and hit Showty, showty you can be _______(?) And I don't need this sh_t I try to hit it, hit it And I don't need this sh_t I try to hit it, hit it Like if you try this like before I play you like a toy I know I pray you like but no I'm not a leader, I'm not a leader No, I got to ball and fall for me and you Let's take this sh_t for the top """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Let's keep this sh_t West Coast Let's rollin' down the street, all my fan up Sippin' and cookin' that tunes Count stacks, cu I'm gettin' every dollar and my chicken top model Young tricks to the mess up Come on that top floor, when they start N_gga have cigars and the minibar Soon as he take it off, sure I've been see 'em gone Soon as she put it on, sure or sure they in the guard I'm like the porn star but without the _____(?) Check up, every check I got the bruve off My bank account lookin' sumethin' like the cookies are I put the hands in only if it's gonna involve ________(?) But when they saw me they just scream for more Young tigers skinny, skinny baggy I've been tighter Make letter, come together, human type righter Don't bose if you can't show Cuz I show roll like fans when it's free roll I get so much cheese, they call me cheater And these others n_gga crash, fingers [Rollin' down the street, all my fan up sippin' up, cookin' that juice Count' stacks, cuz'I'm countin' every dollar and my chicken top model ] x 2

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