God Talk - Tyga

Stand back, god talk
The watch cost

First things first I pop, sling all the honeys
Ain't it funny? Angel, I got devils wanting money
Seems sacred but get nathin'
My penetration is all revelations
And my eyes only seeing basic, they foul flagrant
Infatuated with the bracelets, diamond-cut player
You fallacious, not complacent
Competition, I'm your favourite, knock knock
It's me, motherf_cker, you're dead wrong
Turning your doorknob, a heartthrob
Never my title but you b_tches getting robbed
I rhyme and flip lines so far ahead of my time
My punchlines is lemon lime
I'm sour, n_gga, sweeter than pine
I'm God's gift like Christmas time
The money Jewish but it's black on black crimes
They box me in from time to time
For a Rolex, is you willing to die? You willing to die, n_gga?
Oh sh_t, n_gga, you a rich n_gga?
Does your wrist glitter? How much your car engine?
I can tell you got six figures
Figure you ain't no real n_gga
You don't struggle like real n_ggas
Probably snitch on a real n_gga
Just to get you out of bed, n_gga
Well let's see, my god is your god
If he got faith in me, go and pull the trigger
And leave it be, n_gga
Russian roulette, let's make a bet
100 on black, I'm back with a vengeance, the villain is vicious
Heart of gold is relentless, book of Genesis
Don't eat the apple, but you'd rather live ravish
Street savvy, but not wealthy
Good health, be blessed, tryna reach the heavens
One day as I pray, halo over me
As I lay back, chick on my lap everyday, this god talk

This god talk
This god talk
Let god talk
Stand back lil n_gga, let God talk

Tryna follow Christ, but this club light super bright
And they pay me cash every single night
Taking models back to the crib
I know you want my life, you don't want my life
Couldn't handle what they write about you
The Superman of height, you can get 'em high
But how far is you willing to climb for your own shine?
Blowing shine, papers let a n_gga vibe, letting God talk
I'm like when summer approach
N_ggas thinking they're good, but they're more TO
I'm known coast to coast, you tryna play god
With the devil's robes
It's only one god, boy, you far from close
Been ready, change cars like winter coats
N_ggas bubblegum, Winterfresh, in they Easter clothes
No lint on my Easter clothes
Resurrect, the prophet spoke

This god talk
This god talk
Let god talk
God talk

And the Lord he told me find my way home
And the Lord he told me find my way home
And the Lord he told me make me home
And the Lord he told me find my way home

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