Riot - Tyga feat Honey Cocaine

[Tyga: Verse 1]
F_ck that, f_ck sh_t pay me
Rumors come and go, so I stay in a room presidential lately
Top of the roof, if a n_gga start hating
Talk that sh_t, I aim for debating
Man I swear the game got so Clay Aiken
Bought a new crib, your b_tch says it's spacious, Hagh
Ride to the motha f_cken money (yeah)
Man I swear this sh_t about nothing (yeah)
Why you n_ggas ballin on a budget
Boy don't get close, I press that b_tton mothaf_cka
Leave a n_gga roughed up, David Ruffin, Hagh
N_ggas washed up, start scrubbing
N_gga get you covered in some clovers
You're an unlucky, mothaf_cka
Don't be f_ckin wit a young n_gga
That's T-Many, one f_ckin problem
Really monsters need a doctor
I'm the sickest n_gga bout it
No deciding, just a silence
On the sizzle, P90
Kill yourself like you're in college
It's finals; cocky
B_tch don't fight it (uhh)
Viam turn to violence (uhh)
Cash money party, guess you broke n_ggas ain't invited
Got a bad b_tch riding
She dumb but she get knowledge
I ain't come to be vibing but my personality vibrant
I'm in love wit nobody, white b_tches they hotties
Hop up off my crotch, I'm the sh_t, need a potty
She lucky she with me
Unlike them other n_ggas, I got it
T la-di-da-di, welcome to my house party

[Hook x2: Tyga]
F_ck n_gga, get yo bands up
F_ck n_gga, get yo bands up
F_ck n_gga, get yo bands up
We getting money, we turnt up

[Verse 2: Honey C_caine]
Yellow b_tch and I got this
It's that black market, I'm shopping (uhh)
Last Kings and we bossing
Well I'm the first queen there's no option (uhh)
I heard they hating, I don't give a f_ck
Tell 'em to f_ck and s_ck on my cunt
B_tch get some d_ck cus you doing too much
I'm getting mine and enough ain't enough
Getting richer
Money perfect picture
Oh no, I ain't messing at the studio with your ninja
Top the name, I diss her
Kill your b_tch, you gon' miss her
Bring that body shop and now watch that coffin fit her
Funeral home, bring you to the zone
Get you and your crew, or just you alone
I don't give a f_ck, I don't take no breaks
Body your ho put her in her place
Now I'm out (uhh)
Don't try it at your house
Young gold Asian, and they know what I'm 'bout, b_tch

[Hook: Tyga]

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