Supawifey - Tyga

[Chorus x2:]
And I think she invincible
Cause these b_tches can't beat her
That's supa wifey
Other n_ggas is invincible
X-ray vision, she don't see them n_ggas
Supa wifey
Introduce her to the Juliet, yeah
Now she super icy
Where'd you come from?
You not from here
You supa wifey

Ridin' wit a G in a G-wagon

Money callin', I'ma call it back cause we still at it
Supa wifey
Got a pretty face, she a real savage
And that ring on her finger sink the Titanic
Yeah, that ring on her finger's gigantic and that's all me (all me)
When she pull off them panties, yeah that's all me (all me)
Supa wifey to the rescue when she landed in my sheets like a speedin' bullet
Supa wifey
She put somethin' in my drink and I still took it
And it turn me into Superman
Supa wifey 'bout to get a real whoopin'
Cause you supa bad, supa booty, supa ass, supa wifey
Tell them n_ggas who the man
Who the man, who the man, baby who the man
Supa wifey
When you say it, I believe in it
Supa wifey, supa freak, I'm Gucci man

[Chorus x2]

Countin' money in the Range
All white, carbon fiber
Hot girl might start a fire
Supa wifey
Yeah, we really do it
They just thought about it
They ain't really 'bout it
Tell 'em how you feel about it
Supa wifey
Tell 'em how you used to play Beyonce albums
Now you learned all the rap sh_t that I be on
Supa wifey
Balenciaga uniform
Supa wifey
Don't take it by the uniform
Seen a lot of 10's, yeah
But you the one
2, 3, you who I do it for
I'm in the 2-3, yeah I'm in the zone
Supa wifey, everytime you shootin' score (swish)
I was thinkin' we should do it more
Ball out on these n_ggas, we should do it more
Go all out on these n_ggas, we should do it more
They can't do you, baby you be doin' more

[Chorus x2]

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