Analog - Tyler, the Creator feat Hodgy Beats

I can grab the fireworks, the soda, all the cookies we can eat
Make you nauseous but be cautious, this is not Dawson's Creek
We could sneak away, f_ck it, you could bring an eighth
I'm not gon' smoke but I'm just asking baby
Could you meet me by the lake?
Said bring a towel, well baby meet me by the lake
Bathing suit is going down, sh_t just meet me by the lake
We could count the shooting stars, well could you meet me by the lake?
Summer never has to end with me

[Verse 1: Hodgy]
I'm give it to her, she wants that summer time
I'm give it like no other cause she knows I'm hers
Damn right she's mine, we both know it
So when we separate everything fine, her phone ringin' in her purse
Damn right it's me, I'm her n_gga, n_gga
Comformizing summer time I'm where's the trigger, n_gga
Catch us where the beach at, she wanna go shopping
Sun down after club cause she like to get it popping
Sangria on my feet mom, cause she likes to get it popping
No ecstasy for her but she wanna get it popping
Drop topping, I measure her pleasure
Then drop in when she get out of place I quantinize
She is my concubine, I am her porcupine
I poke her face her throat for taste, give me head like I'm on her mind
I know her signalization so when she try to fake it
Summer time in the boat of love, meet me by the lake


[Verse 2: Tyler]
I packed a couple sandwiches inside that basket
And brought some extra towels if anyone was asking
We should take a dip in that lake quick and then split
Then do something that's beyond what we both can imagine

Watch the sunset, we can watch the sunset, grab a drink
Watch the sunset, we can watch the sunset, look in the sky
Watch the sunset, we can watch the sunset, we never have to leave
Watch the sunset (There go the rainbow)

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