Ifhy - Tyler, the Creator feat Pharrell

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
I never would of thought that,
Feelings could get thrown in the air.
Cause I accidentally caught that.
I need some new boxing gloves, sh_t got hectic whenever I fall back
For example, ten minutes can go past without you brushing my thoughts
That's fourteen forty a day so I'll say a hundred and forty four times
I think about you or something like that
Lost latch, the f_cking thought of you With somebody else
I don't like that cellular convo's getting left in the wrong
Cause I get so f_cking mad when you don't write back
This isn't a song I just happen to rhyme when I get emo
And find time to write facts. (f_ck)
I love you.

(Can we add some more color, um, like, some more, yellow?
Yeah, that's good.)

[Hook x2]
I f_cking hate you,
But I love you.
I'm bad at keeping my emotions bubbled.
You're good at being perfect.
We're good at being troubled.

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
Girl you f_cking with my emotions,
The f_ck is all this noise about?
I even considered picking up smoking.
You turned to a b_tch, who let the dogs out?
But in my dog house,
My b_tch is the raddest,
Crazy who makes me the happiest,
Could make me the saddest.
Look Alice,
Let's get lost in your wonder-er-land f_ck an atlas
You're perfectly perfect for me.
What the f_ck is this, practice?
Actually, if you even consider leaving,
I'll lose a couple screws in due time, I'll stop breathing,
And you'll see the meaning of stalking
When I pop out the dark to find you,
And that new dude that you're seeing with an attitude,
Then proceed to f_ck up your evening
Make sure you never meet again like god damn vegans,
Cause when I hear your name I can not stop cheesing.
I love you so much that my heat stops beating when your leaving,
And I'm grieving and my heart starts bleeding,
Life without you has no god damn meaning
Sorry I'm passive aggressive for no god damn reason,
It's that my mood change like these god damn seasons,
I'll fall for you, but I love you.


The sky is falling girl let's try to catch it,
The sky is falling girl let's try to catch it,
The sky is falling girl let's try to catch it tonight.
The sky is falling girl let's try to catch it,
The sky is falling girl let's try to catch it,
The sky is falling b_tch let's try to catch it tonight.

[Pharrell (Tyler)]
C'mon baby
Even though I hate you
I still love you
I love you
And Salem I know
I'm passive aggressive (I'm sorry, f_ck)
(Come here)
I like when we hold hands
(You're the best around)
See I get jealous (f_ck)
And if I see that n_gga (If I see him)
I just might kill him (look)
(I wanna strangle you, till you stop breathing)
Love, love, love
(Spend the rest of my life, looking for air)
(so you can breathe, and we can die together, you and me)
(F_ck, look)
I'm in love (Love)


[Wolf:] Yo, so why is Samuel such a f_cking d_ck?
[Salem:] He isn't such a badass actually.
He's only here because he ran away,
because some sh_t happened back home. He's actually a dweeb.
[Wolf:] Yo, what happened?

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