Jamba - Tyler, the Creator feat Hodgy Beats

[Verse 1: Tyler, the Creator]
Papa ain't call even though he saw me on T.V, it's all good (F_ck You)
But now my balls, balls deep in this broads jaws, swallow girl, it's just nutt'
B_tches scared to let me smash on they ass
Yeah they heard I'm f_ckin' nuts like the swag of a fag
Like me and Tekeli was gagging in the back of the cabin
Camp Floggnaw n_gga you can tell by the badge
(Pass me my inhaler)
I'm sick of hacking and coughing, I'm often this f_cking awesome
I'm animals, Noah's arking, often just rapping nonsense
Four stories in my home like "What the f_ck's an apartment?"
Get sh_t popping like Peter's pores during puberty
And take bets on how quickly Tyler can reach maturity
Cussing out Siri like a waitress with no patience
Oh, you want a tip b_tch, well here's my d_ck for gratiturity, b_tch

[Hook: Tyler, the Creator]
Shut em' Down!
N_gga Shut em' Down!
Shut em' Down!

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
I tumble crush on hudgy sl_ts, give money up then nutty, but
Professor Nutty Buddy Clumpkin's petty when you touch his lunch
Like "What the f_ck? I'm drunk as f_ck," turn the f_cking music up
So I can hear these stupid f_cks, talk no walk, like you discussed
You talking too much, "Who the f_ck are you to us, uterus?"
I put that on my pubes and nuts, if I don't begin moving up, I'm shooting up
You and her, crew on turf, new dessert
I can see the b_tch in a n_gga through his shirt
I can smell the ho in the b_tch flocking 'round my crew to flirt
It's on your shoulder, lose the dirt, yeah, it's the movement first
F_ck a human nurse, I'm ill like [?], to infuse the birth
Of my scrotum on the Channel 10 news, my only motive is to skip to my lou
Get hip to the pew, you can drink piss and eat a d_ck in a few
The sickening view, a visual woose, I eat your ribs, I'm a wolf
Then meet your kids afterschool and give 'em drugs cause it's cool (F_cker)

[Hook: Tyler, the Creator]
Shut em' Down!
N_gga Shut Him Down!
Shut em' Down!

[Verse 3: Tyler, the Creator]
Hodgy, f_ck this beat, n_gga let's smoke weed
That sh_t I need, be the sh_t that's green, a little purple and pink
Get some swisher sweets, about three up, four more, then leave it be
I got a eigth I could face, I got a blunt flavored grape
I hate the grape I can taste it when I'm inhaling the vapes
You can smell us in places when we walk
And our clothing is always covered in flakes
Enough for two shake blunts and "What the f_ck is this?"
I think this mary is laced, My heart is beating at paces
that Pacquiao can relate I'm f_cking faded like gradient
Sh_t I'm stuck like the tape that's superglued
To the center of Kelly Price first waist.
It's like my first date with Mrs. Mary, this sh_t is scary
The paranoia from this marijuana is very heavy, I'm lifted
Fainted by my fifth hit, Lionel pass the sherm
Let's use this Philly as a dipstick for this bath salt, you dipsh_t

[Domo Genesis]
C'mon my n_gga you don't even smoke, you weak as f_ck my n_gga
You do not smoke, no tux my n_gga, you're as weak as.. F- your b_tt my n_gga...
Oh mark ass n_gga, G- Oh my god bro, Here comes that weak ass n_gga Samuel.

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