I Salute - Tyrese

Black-Ty, it's time to show 'em the other side

You motherf_ckers ain't ready

Sticks and stones may break my bones but

Words will never hurt, it won't work

So throw dirt on a n_gga and watch me brush my shoulders off

I ain't sore for loss, I'm CEO, the boss

Think about it, he done went from this and that

And back and I ain't tryna rap and we ain't havin' that

Says who, you? You ain't got a clue what I been through


You used to be cool when I was on the R&B side

Rap n_ggas is singin', I figured I give it a try

Can't be mad, you n_ggas never called me for a hook

The industry's shook, I'm Black-Ty, open the books

Steady reppin' the block, n_ggas know from Watts

Am keepin' it hot, the West Coast move won't stop

Straight out the do' fo' sho, got plenty collabos

You n_ggas sayin' you ready for the raft, don't make me laugh

I been doin' this rap sh_t for years

Blood, sweat and tears, no fears

So let me be clear, I got medicine for your ears

And naw, Dre didn't do it, sh_t is still hot [Incomprehensible]

I salute

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