Off The Heazy - Tyrese feat Jermaine Dupri


[Jermaine Dupri] Uh huh

[Tyrese] Baby

[Jermaine Dupri] Uh huh, uh

[Ttyrese] Said it's goin' on tonight

[Jermaine Dupri] Yo, see yo, uh huh, ya'll know what it is

[Ttyrese] We 'bout to do it real big, yo

[Jermaine Dupri] So So Def

[Tyrese] Off the heezy

1 - You off the heezy

The way you walk

I'm tryin' to sample that tonight

Off the heezy

We can do it real big, baby

Would that be alright

Off the heezy

If you was my boo

You could do whatever you want to

I don't wanna try to hold you down

I just wanna get it started

[Jermaine Dupri] Tyrese


All night long it's been hard for me to pay attention

To what me and my peoples are doing, eh

It's not often that I'm in this position

Though I've seen a lot, but not this hot

Girl, you've got me crazy

Repeat 1

[Tyrese] Usually I don't pay no mind to girls this way

[Jermaine Durpi] Me neither

[Tyrese] But honey ain't your average little mommy

[Jermaine Dupri] Oh


Just tryin' to find the right thing to say

Something tells me that if you and I got it poppin'

Girl, it won't be no stoppin'

It'll be one thing after the other

[Jermaine Dupri] This is the part I like right here

[Tyrese] (Jermaine Dupri)

Were've you been

What I gotta do to see you again

Are the first words that came into my mind

I never met nobody as bad as you (That's right)

Who ain't got no attitude

That's what makes the situation, for sure

[Jermaine Dupri]


It's that cat from the south

Everybody just can't stop talkin' about

Lips stay poked out cuz I cannot lose

Every record I make, I got something to prove

It's a man's world, so don't even trip real big

Ya'll know how I do this sh_t

And I'm the truth like a California bag of trees

From ATL to Watts n_gga, off the heez'

Repeat 1

Repeat 1 while:

[Jermaine Dupri]





Uh huh

[Tyrese] I wanna get it started oh

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